Mega Events

Thailand has been a top ranked travel destination for decades. With so many diverse choices of inspiring destinations, each with their own distinctive charms, it is no wonder that so many global travellers flock to Thailand. With full-scale partnership from major collaborators along with strong government support, your international festivals and events will be fully facilitated – supports of creative resources, specialised workforce and international networks in order to leverage them to become a colourful, roaring success. Engage the world in our captivating destination for your international festivals and events.
Mega Events Support Criteria
Arts & Culture Events
are events or festivals that revolve around human creativity, culture and social life such as: educational films, puppet, theatre, culinary arts and visual arts which include painting, sculpture, photography and other visual media.
** Competition-led festival is not eligible.
Entertainment Events
are events or festivals combining various activities utilising a high level of theatrical expression and extravagant presentations or performances that aim to entertain a live audience. It applies to every aspect of live entertainment including digital entertainment, musicals, and comedy.
** Competition-led festival is not eligible.
Creative & Lifestyle Events
are events or festivals that revolve around human creativity, fashion, product design, computer graphics, lifestyle items presentation that are produced in the form of performances, workshops, high-tech presentations, visual media or even the use of the destination as the background with lighting and performance.
** Competition-led festival is not eligible.
Thailand 4.0 Events
are events that apply technology in key S-curve industries under Thailand 4.0 policy including robotic competition and e-sport entertainment. The event may require specialists or experts in applying technology and or presenting new innovation as well as tech show in festival style.
**The format of event can be competition-led festival.
Mass Participation Events
are lifestyle sports events which required to have a huge number of participants, have creative challenge for individual to compete. The event itself, creates the new leisure movement in the city, the opportunity to show the city’s famous sport in order to serve the real experience to participants. It’s definitely a sports for all!
** Professional Sport Competition is not eligible.
Event Classification
Mega Events
  • The events are mega in terms of:
    - Attendance
    - Target market
    - Financial investment
    - Political effects
    - TV coverage
    - Facilities
    - Impacts on community and economy
  • These events generally have to be bid for, tend to be one off events and will require substantial host funds, infrastructure and support from the host country.
  • Primarily international participants & audience at least 50% international. Extensive international media coverage. Significant and widespread benefits within Thailand.
International Homegrown/International Hallmark Events/ Festivals
  • Homegrown events/festivals by definition should be annual and permanent event
  • Are co-branded with destination / community and can make the destination competitive
  • Normally attract national and International media coverage
  • Expectation of significant economic benefits
  • These events provide significant visitor numbers, occur regularly (annual, biannual), are generally designed to promote a specific region or tourist destination through association and require ongoing funding.
  • They must attract at least 20% international participants and/ or visitors that have intentionally come to destination for the event.
International Major Events/ Festivals
  • International Major events/festivals attract significant media interest, visitor numbers & generate economic benefits due to their size and they also attract significant local and international participants.
  • Often use existing infrastructure or city landscape as event/festival venue.
  • Could be events that rotate worldwide and have a national profile outside the region in which it is being run or international series.
  • Generates significant immediate and long-term economic, social and cultural benefits to the host destination.
  • Generates significant international media coverage in markets of interest for tourism and business opportunities.
  • Must attract at least 20% international participants and/ or visitors that have intentionally come to destination for the event.
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