Expand your business opportunity in ASEAN

An exhibition in Thailand becomes a high-potential marketplace offering extra benefits and connections, all while producing productive outcomes. Thailand helps you build strong connections across the region and the world, giving you access to these extra benefits.
Exhibitions Support Criteria
  • A legally-registered company in Thailand or in other countries.
  • Must be private or public sectors.
  • Non duplicated financial support from other government entities.
  • Never committed crime or breached any civil or criminal law or intellectual property law in any countries.
  • Possesses a business plan to organise “International Trade Exhibitions” in Thailand.
A new international trade exhibition may apply for TCEB’s financial support scheme if it meets ALL the below requirements:
    a. An international trade exhibition (trade-only or trade/public) that is recognised as an ‘International Exhibition’, complying with the 2 criteria below:
No. of direct foreign exhibitors must represent at least 10% of the total exhibitors
No. of International visitors must represent at least 5% of total visitors (counted only trade day)
    b. An international trade exhibition with at least exhibit space 1,000 sqm.
    c. The exhibition organizer must deploy a professional registration system in accordance with international standards. For example, sticker placement is not acceptable.
    d. The exhibition organizer must present official venue booking confirmation letter.
    e. Use venues certified by the Thailand MICE Venue Standard.
For more information please kindly email to exhibitions@tceb.or.th