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Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization)

        When you visit the TCEB website, information related to your visit is saved in the form of cookies. Cookies are used to analyses information and remember information about your browsing behaviour. This includes remembering settings that you employed which enables the website to show information, messages, and other activities in line with your preferences and interests.
        This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how cookies work, their functions and purposes, how they are deleted, how you can refuse the use of cookies, and cookie privacy settings. If you choose to continue to use this website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies in accordance with the Cookie Policy detailed below.
What are Cookies?
        Cookies are small files that store information about your visit to the website. They are saved to your computer and/or the communication device used to access the website, such as notebook, tablet, or smartphone, through a web browser (Browser) while you access the website. Cookies will not harm your computer or device. In the following cases your personal data may be collected in order to enhance your experience while using our online services: for example, it will remember the language used and customise usage information according to your needs, including the services you are interested in. Cookies are also used to measure online traffic, personalising your content based on your browsing history and current browsing behaviour, and may be used for advertising purposes. You can find more information about cookies at
        TCEB will use cookies to automatically collect the following information:
        1. Date and time of access to the website, IP (Internet Protocol) address, and the domain name from where you first accessed the website.
        2. Type of browser and operating system used to access the website.
        3. Information about the website visit and duration of the visit.
        4. Date and time of leaving the website and the IP (Internet Protocol) address and domain name of the page from where you left the website.
How Cookies Work
        TCEB uses cookies to record your visits and sign-ups to the website, making it easier for TCEB to remember how you used of the website. This information is then used to improve the website to better meet your requirements, to facilitate the speed of using the website, and to diagnose any problems with TCEB’s servers in the management of the website. In some cases, TCEB may require third-party assistance to do so, which may require the use of internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) and statistical analysis cookies, data links, and processing for marketing purposes.
Cookies used by TCEB can be divided into two categories, namely:
        1. Session Cookies are cookies that operate temporarily while you are visiting the TCEB website. For example, session cookies, may monitor and choose the language that is set etc., will be deleted from your computer/device as soon as you leave the website or close the web browser.
        2. Persistent Cookies are cookies that will remain for a specified period of time or until you delete them. These cookies help the TCEB website remember you and your settings when you return to use the website again. These cookies help you access the website’s services more conveniently and quickly.
Purpose of the Use of Cookies
       1. Strictly Necessary Cookies
           These cookies are necessary for TCEB’s website to enable you to access different parts of the site, including remembering any information that you have submitted to the website. Disabling this type of cookies will result in you not being able to access TCEB Services.
       2. Performance Cookies
           These cookies allow TCEB to be aware of user interactions on the TCEB website. This includes which site pages or content are most popular and other data analysis. TCEB also uses this information to improve the functionality of the website and better understand user behaviour. All such information is non-personally identifiable and is used for statistical analysis only. These cookies may also be generated by linking to third-party websites. Disabling these types of cookies will not allow TCEB to know the number of visitors to its website nor assess service quality.
Cookie Settings
        If you do not want cookies to collect your information, you can change the Cookie Settings in “Settings” in the internet browser toolbar. If you access the website from different internet browsers without changing the cookie settings, the next time you access the website your device will automatically accept cookies as previously set. Disabling cookies on your device or browser may affect the format and use of the TCEB website.
       If you wish to modify your settings, you can read more about it at
Links to other Websites and use of Third-Party Cookies
       TCEB’s website may contain links to third-party websites or social media. It may also include embedded content or video content from social media. This enables you to access content and interact with others on social media from TCEB’s website. These linked third- party websites and social media may set their own cookies for which TCEB has no control, nor can be held responsible for. You are encouraged to read the cookie policies and notices of those third parties. TCEB is not responsible for links to said websites or social media, nor is TCEB associated with said links, nor the content of the third-party websites.
       In some cases, TCEB may use cookies provided by trusted third parties such as Google Analytics, one of the most widely-used and trusted web analytics solutions providers, to help TCEB analyse how you visit TCEB’s website and ways that it can improve your experience. These cookies may track and monitor information such as the amount of time you spend on the website and the web pages you visit so that TCEB can continue to provide interesting and appropriate content.
Cookie Policy Changes
        This Cookie Policy may be updated as appropriate, and according to circumstances and the actual services provided by TCEB. Notification of any Policy updates will be posted on this website. TCEB recommends that users make themselves to aware of any changes in these terms.
Contacting TCEB
        In the event that you have further any questions about TCEB’s Cookie Policy, you can contact TCEB’s Data Protection Officer as details below
        1. Data Controller
        Name: Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization)
        Contact address: 989 Siam Piwat Tower, 25th & 26th Floors, Units A2, B1, and B2, Rama I Road., Pathumwan sub-district, Pathumwan district,
        Bangkok 10330
        Call Centre: 1105
        2. Data Protection Officer: DPO
        Contact address: 989 Siam Piwat Tower, 25th & 26th Floors, Units A2, B1, and B2, Rama I Road., Pathumwan sub-district, Pathumwan district,
        Bangkok 10330
        Call Centre: 1105
This Cookie Policy is effective as of 30 May, 2022 onwards